Prepping the Ninjas

Hey, friends! In preparing for our summer cooking adventure, I’m realizing that I have a little preparation to do. Both our boys struggle with cutting their fish sticks, let alone chopping onions or finely dicing celery! I want them to be able to acquire good knife skills, but I was a little nervous about where to start.

Thankfully, I came across this really cool mom/teacher, Katie Kimball, who has designed a knife skills series especially for the kiddos. The really great part is that she is offering a preview series of videos for FREE, but only for a limited time. I watched the videos, and there are truly no strings attached. You don’t have to provide payment information, just your e-mail address. They are SO helpful, and I’m excited to sit down and watch them with the boys after the hectic holiday weekend!


If you’d like to check them out, go to Free Knife Skills Training for Kids  and let me know what you think! UPDATE: registration for the full sessions is now open, but just until June 6! After that, registration will be closed and the free knife training videos will no longer be available.

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Welcome to our adventure.

Welcome to our adventure.

I’ve always wanted my kids to cook for themselves…not just a bowl of cereal or boxed mac and cheese, but real cooking. Lately, Facebook has been inundated with articles about how you should give your kids knives and let them play with the stove. Well, not so much play with the stove per se, but apparently kids in Finland are making coal fire pizza at age four and well, it’s time we caught up.

So, I decided to do two experiments at once this summer: cook with my kids, and blog. I think it’s going to be fun.

Here’s how it will work: Each week, on a set day (probably Wednesday) we will embark on a cooking adventure. Some weeks it will be simple, some complicated. We will create a dish (or beverage) and then let you in on the journey through photographs and stories.

My goal in this adventure is twofold: To teach my boys about different foods, techniques, and tools in the kitchen, and to show them how sharing our stories can make others smile.

I hope you join us starting mid-June as these two silly ninjas and their mommy set out on this culinary adventure!

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